Our Transparent Fee Structure

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Fee Structure Overview

At Harts Financial Solutions, we believe that good advice should pay for itself.

Any ‘Out of Pocket’ cost for the advice is calculated as follows:

Cost of Engagement

The ‘Cost of Engagement’ is calculated on an equitable ‘fee for service’ basis and represents the total cost of providing the services.

Commissions Received

Where financial service commissions are received from products and services put in place under the Australian Financial Services & Credit Licence (AFS&CL 324390) held by HFG, they are attributed to your client file to offset the ‘Cost of Engagement’. A schedule of estimated commissions is outlined in ‘Product and Service Fees & Commissions’ section on page 25.

‘Out of Pocket’ Cost

Your ‘Out of Pocket’ Cost is calculated after considering the Cost of the Engagement and Commissions Received Your ‘Out of Pocket’ Cost may be paid via invoicing and/or superannuation/investment fees.

This fee structure is highly transparent, clearly demonstrates that our focus is on strategy and advice, not commissions and products, and reaffirms our commitment to act in your best interests.

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