Managed Funds

Managed Funds

A Managed Fund operates by a fund manager pooling money from like minded investors and invests a single larger sum providing the ability to diversifiy within and/or across different asset classes. In trying to achieve diversification this overcomes investment issues such as minimum investment restrictions (i.e. having sufficient funds to purchase underlying assets whilst still having funds to invest across other asset classes) and accessibility issues (i.e. investing in overseas markets).

At HFS we believe that asset allocation should cover all strategic assets in your situation rather than just the traditional Instituional and Equity based investments. In order to target specific asset allocations a need may arise to utilise managed funds to obtain exposure to certain asset classes or investments which otherwise would not be able to be achieved through direct investment alone.

We have a number of providers available on the HFS Approved Product List which we will utilise to tailor the most appropriate solution to your personal objectives and needs.

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