Net Asset Position and Consolidated Balance Sheet

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Net Asset Position and Consolidated Balance Sheet

It is essential we have a comprehensive understanding of all your assets and liabilities in your consolidated balance sheet as it underpins much of the analysis that we perform.

Through this analysis we are able to quantify your consolidated net worth as well as identify relevant issues including (but not limited to) your debt to equity ratio, illiquid asset position and the strength of your consolidated balance sheet. We also compare your personal investments and superannuation investment positions through the preparation of your net asset position.

This analysis is extremely useful as it is a visual aid that can quickly provide you with an overview of your asset and liability position across:

  • Investment Assets & Liabilities – including all investments, deductible debt, superannuation, cash
  • Non-Investment Assets & Liabilities – including primary residence, non-deductible debt, offset accounts
  • Business Assets & Liabilities – including business assets, business debts
  • Internal Assets & Liabilities – including inter-entity loans and entitlements
  • Total Assets & Liabilities – looking at all assets, debt, cash

Once the above analysis is complete we review, identify and address issues and risks which have the potential to significantly impact on your net asset position.

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