4 – Analysis of Current Position

Financial Management & Advice Process

4. Analysis of Current Position

Armed with detailed information about your current situation, we are now able to review and analyse your circumstances using our unique proprietary Client Analysis Software (CAS).All of your financial information regarding investments, loans, bank accounts, income/expenses, tax structures and risk insurances is entered into the CAS along with your identified Investment Risk Profile.

We then use the CAS to assist with preparing a Client Snapshot Report for your current situation. This is arguably the most important phase of the advice process as it facilitates a deep understanding and thorough analysis of your current situation and forms the ‘building blocks’ from which we are able to develop and recommend appropriate strategies and advice. It also assists you with understanding the risks and opportunities relevant to your financial situation so that you are able to make better and more informed decisions.

It is important to note that the Client Snapshot Report is a very detailed and thorough report covering the various areas of your financial situation. Depending on the level of complexity this can take between 5-25 hours of professional time to prepare from the Initial Assessment Consultation.

Please refer to the Client Analysis Software (CAS) section for a detailed description of the CAS which forms the basis of the Client Snapshot Report.

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