Financial Management & Advice Process

Financial Management & Advice Process

At Harts Financial Solutions we have designed our advisory process to meet the very different needs of self-directed business owners and high-income individuals. The strength of our process is its efficient identification and ongoing management of risks while we pursue your agreed strategies.

Our Advice Delivery Process is broken up into distinct parts that are tailored to your specific requirements. This approach provides you with the flexibility to engage our services to meet your individual needs, and importantly, to define our level of involvement in the execution and management of your chosen strategies.

The following diagram illustrates the different stages and engagements for the full advice process. Note that this is for descriptive purposes only, with each engagement being tailored to suit your specific requirements and preferences.

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1 - Initial Assessment Consultation & General Strategies Overview 2 - Fact Find Consultation 3 - Gathering of Supplementary Information 4 - Analysis of Current Position 5 - Client Consultation 6 - Detailed Strategy Formulation 7 - Advice Preparation 8 - Client Presentation & Consultation 9 - Implementation of Agreed Strategies and Recommendations 10 - Ongoing Financial Review Service Managing your Engagement