Risk Management Matrix (RMM)

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Risk Management Matrix (RMM)

Armed with a thorough understanding of your goals & objectives, financial situation and attitude towards risk, we are able to apply our Risk Management Matrix (RMM) to analyse key parameters and set personal benchmarks for your individual risk areas. Using your personal benchmarks we are able to accurately identify and quantify opportunities to increase the amount of quality assets which you can hold safely and efficiently in the medium to long term, while staying within your chosen Risk Profile.

As part of our Risk Management Matrix we perform detailed analysis and/or set tailored personal benchmarks for the following areas:

  • Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Net Asset Position
  • Capital Risk
  • Gross Asset Exposure & Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Debt Efficiency
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Efficiency & Forecasting
  • Investment Risk Profile
  • Gearing Risks & Capacity Utilisation
  • Liquidity
  • Personal Risk Insurance Coverage

To view a PDF showing a sample Risk Management Matrix for a Balanced Risk Profile – Sample RMM.

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