Taxation Position

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Taxation Position

Clients are generally aware of their taxable income and how much tax they pay, but do not know whether they are maximising their tax efficiency or what opportunities they may have available to reduce the amount of tax they pay. This is especially important where clients have corporate & tax structures with franking credits which can make the calculation and reduction of effective tax rates more complex.

We forecast both your individual and consolidated levels of taxable income and tax payable over a 12 month period and identify opportunities to significantly reduce the overall amount of tax you and your entities pay. As part of this analysis we also consolidate your available tax deductions / offsets as well as any significant unrealised capital gains that exist.

Our proprietary Client Analysis Software (CAS) generates reports that project estimates of your underlying taxation position over the next 12 months, with separate reports being generated for each of your entities (if applicable). These reports are a useful aid in forecasting the effect of future dividends and distribution strategies which assist in formulating strategies to target lower effective tax rates.

With appropriate planning there may be substantial potential tax savings that can be achieved. The net benefit to you will be directly related to your current level of disposable income, balance sheet and your risk tolerance. Applicable tax planning strategies are detailed within your Financial Review report.

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