Banking, Financing & Gearing Analysis

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Banking, Finance & Gearing Analysis

Borrowing for investment purposes (gearing) carries significant risk and is not appropriate for all clients. Our Gearing Analysis is designed to determine personal benchmarks for appropriate levels of gearing based upon the strength of your financial position and your Investment Risk Profile. In conducting this analysis we:

  • Identify your current potential borrowing capacity versus actual capacity in place
  • Identify your available loan redraw position
  • Determine your net liquidity and net cash flow positions
  • Create appropriate personal benchmarks considering your attitude to risk, liquidity, cash flow, capital risk and asset allocation
  • Analyse the efficiency of your banking and finance arrangements

Gearing is a popular wealth creation strategy for clients who are able to tolerate higher levels of risk, but it is far from a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. A client with a ‘Balanced’ Investment Risk Profile has a different tolerance to risk than a client with a ‘High Growth’ Investment Risk Profile and the strategy to be implemented should take these differences into account.

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