Personal Risk Insurance Analysis

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Personal Risk Insurance Analysis

At Harts Financial Solutions we see risk insurance as a specific tool to help protect your wealth creation strategy and provide for you and your family should an event affect your health or wellbeing.

Using the CAS we are able to carefully review your current risk insurance cover, calculate the ideal cover for your situation and then recommend the most appropriate types and levels of insurance cover.

The key areas of Risk Insurance that we specialise in are:

  • Life Cover – Help your family maintain their financial position in the event of your death
  • Total & Permanent Disability – Financial security if you suffer total & permanent disability and are unable to work
  • Critical Illness – Enabling you to concentrate on your health rather than your finances should you suffer a critical illness
  • Income Protection – Income cover for your rent / mortgage and living costs if you can’t work due to sickness/injury
  • Business Expenses – Fund your fixed expenses to keep your business going if you become totally disabled and can’t work
  • Business Protection & Succession Planning – Buy/sell agreements & key man insurance.

We also analyse and recommend the most appropriate ownership structure for your risk insurance policies to ensure that cash flow cost is minimised and tax efficiency is maximised.

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