Corporate & Tax Structures (CTS)

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Corporate & Tax Structures (CTS)

Efficient use of Corporate & Tax Structures (CTS) can make a substantial difference to wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth distribution in both the short and long term.

The CTS report has been developed to provide a visual representation of your corporate structures and tax planning. Whilst every client’s situation is different, by taking a systemised approach to the relationships between your personal and corporate structures, we are able to maximise your flexibility and tax efficiency both in current and future years.

The key outputs of the CTS highlight:

  • Entity ownership, control and inter-entity relationships
  • Tax consequences of company dividends and trust distributions
  • Retained earnings and franking credits
  • Capital gains
  • Tax deductions and negative gearing within entities
  • Tax planning opportunities

The CTS report provides you with a graphical illustration of the relationships between your individual and associated entities, along with consolidated income, expense and tax positions including distributions and inter-entity loans.

We also use the CTS report in the advice process as both a ‘backward looking’ (for reflection on the efficiency of your structures in the past) as well as a ‘forward looking’ tool to demonstrate the effect of our proposed strategies and recommendations on the efficiency of your structures moving forward.

Just as importantly, we use the CTS and the CAS Taxation Reports as tools to help facilitate the provision of proactive and specific tax advice with your accountant.

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