Ideal Client Profile

Ideal Client Profile

At HFS, we have developed a holistic advice model which delivers tremendous value to the right type of clients. Recent market research suggests that the types of clients who benefit most from our services have some or all or the following traits:

Are successful business owners or executives

Their business is already successful or they are an executive with significant responsibility. They have a demonstrated track record of creating value and they know the direction that they want their business or career to take.

Are committed to success

They set big goals and commit to do the work to achieve them. They are proactive and readily implement the measures necessary to manage the risks to improve the probability of achieving their financial goals.

Appreciate accountability

They understand that even the best players have coaches, and they like being held accountable to their agreed risk profile, direction and goals.

Are time poor and financial delegators

They recognize that ‘time is the stuff that life is made of’ and understand the importance of delegating aspects of their financial affairs to trusted professionals so that they can focus on what’s truly important to them. They may still want to make their own investment decisions, but value our input to ensure that they can make even better, fully informed and considered decisions.

Focus on what they can control

They take action to move closer to their goals, and ignore the distractions that can derail them from progress.

Enjoy our approach

They like the risk management overlay and clarity that we are able to provide through the delivery of our truly holistic advice model. They value our absolute attention to detail so that they can focus on the big picture and make informed decisions. They trust the fact that we are transparent in everything that we do.

Have an outward focus

They have people and things in their life that are just as important as money.

Value professional advice

They appreciate and value professional advice and are willing to pay a fair price to benefit from it. They feel reassured that we operate under a very transparent fee for service model so that they can see the value of service that we provide at all times.

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