Superannuation is a concessionaly taxed structure and long-term savings vehicle designed to build up funds for retirement. It is a core component of the government’s Retirement Incomes Policy.

The government’s rules via the Superannuation Guarantee mean that most people have a minimum level of superannuation contributions made on their behalf by their employers. There may be the opportunity to obtain additional tax deductions and/or tax offsets for contributions made and this, in addition to the low taxation rate of superannuation funds, make saving via superannuation very attractive.

In contemplating establishing a superannuation fund, there may be a number of options available which are dependent upon your employment status, and where you are an employee, what options are provided by your employer. There are some restrictions with these superannuation options whereby they are not available to all investors. That said, retail superannuation and self managed super funds do not have these same restrictions.

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Retail Superannuation Fund Providers
HFS operates under its own AFS License to ensure that the advice it provides is not unduly biased towards any particular institutional interests or Financial Services Product Provider. Should your personal circumstances warrant the need to invest in a retail superannuation fund, we will ensure that the most suitable fund for your needs is selected.

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