Strategic Asset Allocation

Client Analysis Software (CAS)

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

At HFS we believe that asset allocation should cover all strategic assets in your situation rather than just the traditional institutional and equity based assets. This is particularly relevant in WA where a substantial proportion of people’s wealth in recent years has been created from their primary residence, investment properties and private business ownership.

Many of our clients are self-directed investors. These investors typically make many of their own buy/hold/sell investment decisions or may at times use other specialist investment advisers such as real estate agents and/or stock brokers to provide specific investment advice. We are able to assist in managing their overall strategic asset allocation and ensuring that it remains in line with the parameters coinciding with their agreed Investment Risk Profile.

The CAS software allows us to look at the assets held both personally and through corporate & tax structures from a more strategic point of view. In this view, assets are categorised as being Non-Investment (Personal) and Investment (Non-Superannuation and Superannuation) Assets.

It is important to note that in most cases, a client’s current asset allocation may vary considerably from the ‘industry model’ asset allocations recommended by most research companies. It is therefore important that we highlight to you the variation between your current strategic asset allocation and the industry model so that you are able to make an informed decision as to whether to continue with a strategic approach to your asset allocations or to rebalance your assets to be more closely aligned with the industry model allocations.

We also use the CAS Strategic Asset Allocation tool later in the advice process as a forward looking tool to demonstrate the effect that proposed strategies and recommendations will have on your strategic asset allocations.

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