5 – Client Consultation

Financial Management & Advice Process

5. Client Consultation

Once your Client Snapshot Report has been completed and published, your Adviser will present the results. Your Client Snapshot Report will provide a detailed analysis for your current position and as a minimum will cover the following core areas:

  • Risk Management Matrix
  • Investment Risk Profile
  • Net Asset Position & Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Capital Risk Analysis
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Rolling 12 month Tax Planning
  • Corporate & Tax Structures
  • Finance and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Gearing Analysis & Capacity Utilisation
  • Risk Insurance / Estate Planning Overview
  • Income Distribution Analysis

For a detailed explanation of each of these core areas, please refer to the Client Analysis Software (CAS). The Client Snapshot Report is a powerful resource for managing risk and assessing performance. Our proprietary CAS software generates a set of personal benchmarks for your individual risk areas and you can use these benchmarks to assist with your financial management and strategic decision making.

Your other professional advisers will also benefit from the information in this report. We will work closely with them to ensure that everyone is on the same page and heading in the same direction, yours.

We will also discuss potential strategies for enhancing your current position and for achieving your future objectives. You may then choose to expand the scope of your engagement so we may research and formalise some or all of these strategies.

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